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I got the Veritas GMAT CATs on submitting my GMAT Prep screenshot as a promotion they were running. I had scored 730 on GMATPrep1.

When i attempted the first test, i was set back with the result - 650. Admittedly, i had prepared for only a month and I had another month and half to my exam date, but 650 felt too low.

I continued working and taking the Veritas tests at regular intervals. I never crossed 700. Panicky, i took tests from Manhattan (scores ranging from 710 - 740) Economist (710) and the GMATPreps (730, 760, 770, 760)

I scored 750 on the real thing, on a day when i know i made a few mistakes in quant.

Overall, my evaluation is that the Veritas algorithm is very harsh - it punishes you severely if you get 2 wrong in a row. The quality of the questions in teh verbal section wasnt impressive either.

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