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Veritas test have a good collection of questions, and it helps in predicting your current level of preparation. I have given 5 tests in Veritas and have constantly scored between 610 to 650 in them. The real thing gave me a score of 650. The tests seems to be a good gauge of one's ability (My ability currently is for 650 so can provide details for this level. I am not sure if the quality of the questions is good enough when one is hoping for 730+. Point to be noted is that I have maintained a constant score of 49, 50 and 51 in the Quant. For verbal my score fluctuates between 22 to 30). So one can definitely take this a good Gauge of Quant, Though for Verbal I am not qualified to comment yet. Will definitely do so once i exhaust the other two tests after I am done preparing for my second attempt. Nevertheless this package is having a good collection of questions for practice which comes free in the test bundle.
Overall it is a great deal to get the practice questions and 7 test all under 20$.

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Created by Apichy

November 01, 2017

how can you get an offer of 7-test under 20$?

Created by jayesh99modi

November 23, 2017

right now these tests are available for 10$
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