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I bought the set of 7 CAT tests for $19 during one of the discount periods.

The Quant section is very similar to the actual GMAT. The level of difficulty and scoring algorithm is about as close as you can get to the real thing. My actual score is 1 point higher than my VP CAT Quant score.

Besides, the user interface and analytics were tremendously helpful when revising certain concepts and going through questions which I got wrong.

The verbal section seems to be harder than the one on GMAT Prep and the actual exam. My scores on VP CAT verbals were about 4-7 points off from my GMAT Prep scores and my actual score.

Because of this huge discrepancy in the scoring for the verbal section, my overall scores were about 60-70 points off from my actual score.

Overall, I would suggest that one buys these tests during the discount periods. Then, one could use it as a good Quant practice, keeping in mind that the verbal section is skewed which can significantly distort ones overall score.

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