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Veritas Mock CATs : Highs and (a few) lows


I bought the Veritas Prep Test series as a part of my preparation for GMAT. My experience has been really good but I would want to highlight the big plusses and a few misses.
On the positive side, the post-test analysis of the GMAT CAT provided by Veritas is really helpful. It highlights your areas of strengths and weaknesses and helps you focus on the right things during your preparation.
The Veritas test also gives the average time taken by other test takers per question which helps you gauge how efficient your technique is. I would highly recommend taking these mocks at regular intervals during your preparation.
I found the level of difficulty as being a little tougher than the real test (especially Verbal) and also, the Veritas tests punish or reward you faster than the real GMAT. You are sure to get a 750-800 level question once you answer the first 4 questions right in Veritas which is not true in the real GMAT.
I also felt that the Quant section in the tests is not evenly distributed across topics. You will get a good practice and mix of topics only if you do all 7 tests (else, you might miss out on some topics).
Conclusion: Worth the money if you get it at a discounted price like I did :)

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