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Veritas GMAT CATs


I bought the Veritas Prep Test series as a part of my preparation for GMAT. My experience has been really good but I would want to highlight the big boon and a few misses.
I enjoyed a lot the Veritas Prep. I saw a deal posted somewhere and felt the cost was worth a try.

The questions simulate very well the overall GMAT experience. In my opinion, the questions were less difficult than the Manhattan test, and all my scores on Veritas were 10 to 30 points higher then my final GMAT score.

The system is good, works as you would expect.
- Unlike MGM, Veritas has moderate level Math questions, this actually helps you retain the level of confidence that you ll end up having in the actual test.
- The question bank is broader than other test platforms. This means that your scores don't get affected by non-availability of questions in the question bank, leading to you scoring extravagantly high.

the test interface is not the best in class. The answer descriptions are small and ambiguous at times. Having said these things, I believe they are not a deal breaker.

August 12, 2020

Do Veritas Prep mocks have analysis of weak areas in QA or VA ?
Sub-section wise details on areas for improvement?

Thank You

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