August 20, 2017

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Good practice with great explanations



Solid quant sections with above average difficulty. They range their questions in a different fashion from GMATClub or GMATPrep. For example, a typical 600-650 question could be labeled as a 550-600 or 500-550 question in veritas prep. This could pose a problem for people with low confidence. My advice is to ignore the scores or the question difficulty and use these tests to figure out weak areas

Cons: The verbal is atrocious. The RC and CR questions just don't feel right and often require more time than normal GMAT questions. SC, while not the same 'feel' as GMAT questions, does a good job of preparing you with various grammatical errors and situations. I did find a few questions that felt more ambiguous and I know I could make a solid argument for one answer over the correct one. Usually the GMAT just eliminates those questions so there is no headache but alas they are in the Veritas Prep tests.

September 05, 2017

I agree. I gave a Veritas test and got good amount of questions correct in a row but still all 500-550 or 550-600 level questions. So are these questions tougher than they are labeled? Because I saw on GMAT Club that some people found these tests tougher than the GMAT Prep tests and it made me think whether they are really tough if the tests are just throwing easier questions in a row.

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