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Veritas tests are a good source of practising the real thing !


I used the veritas tests to prepare for my test. I bought them from a promotion only 19 dollars. They deserve it ! You will get to know how to take the test. Preparation is a lot about taking the test not just about knowledge. With taking these tests you will find out the correct strategy after your 2- 3 first tests. Their scoring algorith is not far from truth but, as for all unofficial tests out there, you should take the score with a pintch of salt.
The algorithm they use on distributing questions is not really great.You wont hear this much but i have seen that they usually give you very hard questions 700-800 level after you answer the 2- 3 first questions right. This is far from truth. The actual gmat doesnt adapt so steeply. The actual gmat will give you such difficult questions later, taking into consideration your performance. What happened(in the quantitative) to me( as being a little proud myself) i wanted to answer all questions correct and with this,i used to spend 3-4 minutes to the hard questions and losing track of time (early in the test). If you want to score high on these tests, (around Q48-49 i mean) you should not spend more than 3 minutes in a difficult question. Get that wrong and the system will give you easier questions. You dont have to solve many 700 level questions in these test to get a Q51. You can do it with a high accuracy on a little easier questions.
However, the actual test is not like that. You will see many normal questions before you start getting the really hard ones.
Dont overstress with the results of these tests. They are good, use them in the learning process. The only good measures of your level are the official tests and what else, the gmat itself.
Overall, good and cheap choice.

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