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Veritas CATs ---- A must have in GMAT journay


The CATs provided by Veritas are intensely helpful. They provide a total of 7 tests out of which 1 is free and other tests you have to buy. Time to time they will give discounts also over the purchases but believe me even if you do not get discount, go for the tests. I would not disagree if someone says that quant is on a little harder side if compared to real test but that will help for sure. The collection of questions is very good. Verbal is amazing. Yes no one can copy the reals algorithm as used in real tests but one can try to bring their algos as near as possible and this is what veritas has done.
I am not very comfortable with the marking scheme they follow where they provide marks out of 60 instead of 51 but rest of the detailed description about your test and the report generated will help you a lot for sure.

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