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Harder than GMAT Prep & great verbal explanations...


I got my hands on the Veritas prep CATs when I purchased the premium membership on the GMAT Club. The CATs come along with a question bank (which is very useful) for selective practice. The explanations are very succinct and specially verbal explanations are helpful.

In terms of difficulty, I found the CATs to be a bit on the tougher side. The Quant questions are very hard with some requiring multiple concepts and traps. Usually on the GMAT prep the quant questions have one or at most two traps. In terms of scoring I felt the scores to be inflated (in terms of number of wrong questions - however, given that all the questions are on the tougher side, the inflated scoring must be trying to account for it)

All in all, really good set of questions. The question bank is super useful & CATs are tougher-than-the-GMAT , so if you are one of those people who believe in preparing for the worst so that the real thing becomes a breeze - these tests are for you!

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