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Best GMAT prep company CATs

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After several months of hard work, I finally took my GMAT and ended up with a really good score. While I am happy with the final result, my GMAT journey was not as smooth as that of most people on this forum. I ended up taking the GMAT seven times before finally reaching a good score. During my preparation, I took classes from multiple test companies including Veritas Prep, Manhattan Prep, and e-gmat. Though the practices questions from these companies do a decent job of preparing you for the test, I don’t think that you can call yourself ready until you take a few practice tests. I cannot emphasize the importance of practice tests enough, because they help you learn about your timing and performance under pressure.

Now, because I studied for so long, I attempted practice tests from a lot of companies. I have to agree with what most instructors say on this forum that the Official GMATPREP tests are the most realistic representations of your final day test score. Unfortunately, we have only six GMATPREP practice tests available, so a lot of us will need to take tests from the GMAT preparation companies. During my studies, I worked through all practice tests from GMATPREP, Economists, Magoosh, Manhattan PREP, GMATClub, and Veritas PREP. Among all these tests, I found that only GMATPREP, Manhattan (only Verbal), and Veritas tests to be of good quality. While I felt that Manhattan’s verbal was very representative of my actual test questions, their quant was way harder. Infact, during my Manhattan PREP class, my instructors agreed on that. So after a few practice test, I ignored their Quant section and only attempted their Verbal practice test. The questions on the Veritas Prep tests on the other hand were way more representative of my actual performance on the official tests. Infact, I got the same score twice on my official tests as I did on my Veritas tests. I found that both Veritas Quant and Verbal were very much similar to that of the actual tests. I really liked the analysis features on their tests, especially the part where I could see ‘the three easiest questions’ that I got wrong. They helped me identify the low hanging fruit and quickly raised my score. Another feature that I liked on their analysis was knowing the difficulty level of the questions and the time that I took on them. It helped me prioritize and fix my timing issues. Knowing how other students did on the other tests was important too. It pointed to the traps on the wrong answer choices I would have not seen otherwise. Lastly, their answer explanations were really good too. They do a decent job of explaining the most efficient way of solving a particular problem. Now all these merits aside, even Veritas Practice tests are not perfect and have a minor weakness – I attempted all of their seven practice tests and found a couple (in total) of odd questions. Still nothing major. Clearly, the quality of no other practice tests even comes close to the quality of the Veritas Tests. In my opinion they are by far the best practice tests available apart from the GMATPREP tests.

To sum it up, if you are looking to take practice tests and have run out of your GMATPREP tests, Veritas Tests are by far the best tests that you should take. The good thing is that they usually provide one test for free. So take the free one and if you feel they are of good quality, buy the remaining six tests. See for yourself!

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