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February 14 | 2013
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Yes - school of my dreams

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Consultant: Richard Williams

After reading a couple of books on MBA admissions secrets I still did not feel 100% confident about my chances of getting admitted to a top MBA program (Chicago Booth). My qualifications we good, not great, and I didn't want to take any chances. Although I had reservations about spending top dollar on admissions consultants, I found that Veritas Prep was worth every penny.

Richard Williams was assigned to me as he was previously on the admissions committee at my target school. It's doubtful that I could get admitted to Booth without his help. He was knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful, responsive, passionate and went above and beyond. I could tell he genuinely enjoyed helping me achieve this very important goal and that made the experience less stressful. When I signed up for the service, I expected a proofreader for my essays; instead I met a mentor and a friend. As a testament to Richard's role in my success, he was the first person I called after receiving my acceptance to Chicago Booth.

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