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January 15 | 2014
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Yes - school of my dreams

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I used Veritas for my GMAT prep and was so impressed with their services that I decided to use them for my admissions consulting. When I expressed to them that Duke was my #1 choice, must-get-in-at-all-costs, dream school they assigned me to one of their consultants, Scott Bryant, who was a Fuqua alum. It was a great match as Scott gave me some great feedback on my goals, essays, and resume as well as some great career advice thrown in for good measure! Applying for B school is such a stressful process and I cannot tell you how crucial Scott was in making it bearable. It all worked out in the end though as I was accepted to DUKE!

I'd like to think that applying to business school is a team effort. You are the captain, no doubt, but it really helps to surround yourself with good 'teammates': people who will provide you with great recommendations, alumni who will talk to you about the program, friends who will buy you are drink when you are tired of writing essays, and of course a solid admissions consultant who will help polish everything you put together! Thanks Scott and thanks Veritas!

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