January 20, 2014

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After having a well above average experience with Veritas' GMAT prep course, I decided to enlist their admissions consulting services as I was targeting Top 20 schools and wanted any advantage possible.

The first value add was they offer several types of packages to meet your budget and needs. I needed some help here and there so the hourly package was a good fit. The next benefit was they use your personal intake form to match you with the best consultant for you in their network. I was matched with Scott B, which was the next positive aspect of the experience. He knew about the schools that would be a good fit with my current and hopefully future industry, renewable energy, and was well-versed in helping me create my story so it ended up well-developed and powerful. He also helped me greatly improve my essays even though I already can write (5.5/6 on GMAT). Perhaps the best thing is I achieved my goal and got into a Top 20 school, which was a little bit of a stretch, but I'll have to at least take some credit for that!

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