November 03, 2014

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Hey all,

I have a good international profile. I have a strong (and long) industrial experience. I also have a strong gmat score. I believe i had a fair chance to get accepted to the top MBA program of my choice but i wanted to increase my chances as. Having many years of experience in industry and then suddenly deciding to switch to business was the weak point in my application. I also don’t have significant (or any) amazing extra-curricular activities.

To increase my chances and fill the "holes" in my application i contacted Veritas prep. I read about them on the net (and the book Your MBA game plan which is written by a person who works there).

The process is very smooth, you sign up, they contact you (through the phone) to discuss your profile and where you want to apply. You don’t feel that they are just looking to sell you a package but instead they want to know how far along you are in your preparations and what help you really need. I only wanted help with my essays and so I took the 7 hours package.

Micah Boster was my consultant. An Insead MBA who now works at google. Having a top MBA grad and successful professional is a big plus IMHO. It shows credibility.
First we did a live web cam chat were we discussed my profile and the areas which i need to focus on. Then we started the iteration process with the essays. I sent him my essays and he would comment on them and tell me when things are not clear, where my conclusions are not related to the question, and where i need to expand a point, etc.. We did this back and forth procedure about 10 times. For the first 5/6 iterations were focused on substance. The last ones were about form (English and grammar, work count limit etc...), here again his tips and corrections were spot on. You need to do very well in both in order to have great essays.

The impact on my essays was amazing. Veritas will not do the work on your behalf (which is not the point) but will guide you to present yourself in the best possible manner. The result is that you : show your best side, emphasis what is really important and meaningful, express your thoughts in a clear conscious and elegant manner, reply to the questions being asked and cut back on the not so important stuff.

I got accepted at my “dream” school. Needless to say i am very happy. I also got (free) tips for the interviews.

PS: I think my consultant really likes to help people and this clearly shows in the quality of his work reviewing the essays and the effort he puts into it. Micah did not count the hours; his focus was to help me get in.

I will spend serious money on the MBA program. The (relatively) little I sent on an admission consultant was 100% worth it.

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