December 10, 2014

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To preface this review, let me clarify that I plan to apply to business school in the Fall of 2015 (to enter in 2016). I completed the Veritas GMAT Prep Course along with two hours of MBA consulting this summer and took the GMAT shortly afterwards.

First the course - Veritas provides a terrific combination of in class guidance, online multimedia (video lectures) and practice tests. Between the three, I had no problem developing a strategy for each problem type that I encountered on the actual test. The structure of the course was intuitive, the pacing was appropriate and the instructor (most importantly) was exceptional. I would have liked to have seen more content targeting the IR section, particularly given how difficult it can be to manage time for this part of the test. Aside from that one shortcoming, I highly recommend the course and accompanying tool kit for anyone who plans to take the GMAT. My score improved by ~50 and was comfortably above the average for top 10 schools.

As for the consulting aspect - I came into the conversation with only a very general sense of the business school application process. My adviser, Matt, was enormously helpful in providing a deeper understanding of the process and how to think about the key criteria that top business schools consider when evaluating potential applicants. More critically, Matt provided a candid assessment of my profile relative to the overall applicant pool and helped me craft a story that would be compelling to MBA admissions officers. He has been extremely supportive after our initial conversation and has continued to help me think through the application timeline post-GMAT. If you plan to sign up for a Veritas course, I strongly recommend coupling that with one of their consulting packages.

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