April 30, 2015

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I heard many things about admission consultants but didn’t realize how helpful it was to have one until I worked with Michelle. Michelle was hands down, one of my biggest supporter throughout my application process.

When I first started my application process, I really didn't know what to expect. I knew I wasn’t one of the strongest candidates out there with a GMAT score of 640. I am a non-Native English speaker so the situation might be slightly different from others but still, it was definitely a big stretch for me to apply to the top business schools. Even Michelle was very honest with my probability of getting into schools but I told her that I wanted to give it a shot. I personally think she did everything she could to help me get into schools with my low GMAT score. She also pinpointed exactly what my other strengths and weaknesses were and gave me advice on what I really should work on during the several months up until I was admitted.

Other than the valuable advice Michelle has given me, her skills in re-editing my essays were amazing. I had a friend of mine review my essays before I even sent it to her but she always found different ways to communicate my message in a more compelling way. I can definitely say that her help and support was beyond my expectations. I initially requested her as my consultant just because I thought it would be safe to have someone with experience review my essays before submitting them to schools. I quickly realized that wasn’t the only thing I needed her to help me on. She really helped me understand inside out what the admissions committee was looking for in my application. Michelle was always available to answer any questions I had, whether it was during Christmas, New Years, or even Sundays. She even reviewed my essays on those holidays so that I could get my application in on time for the school deadlines.

With all the studying, essays, interviews and extracurricular on top of my regular work schedule, the process felt overwhelming at times but Michelle was very good at keeping me on my toes. Without her courage, advice and help, I really don't think I would have made it into my top choice business program (Top 10!!). I highly recommend Michelle to others who are considering applying to business school and who wishes to receive true and valuable advice on what is needed to be a great candidate for their top choice business program.

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