February 10, 2016

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Excellent MBA application support


- Did you enjoy the process? - Was it stressful?
After completing my GMAT test and getting a good score of 740 in September 2015, I mulled over applying for full time MBA programs. Doing the online search made me very confused and I found it very challenging to understand how I was to present my essays and applications. I spent all of October and November in this confusion and finally decided that I needed professional help to tackle the admissions process.

- Were they helpful?
After the initial phone call with Veritas Prep, I was very impressed with how they honed down on the items that I would need help on. What I particularly liked about Veritas Prep is their many consultants that they have available and their ability to match candidates with a suitable consultant. When they chose Nitin Agrawal as my consultant, I was amazed how much he could bring to the table, having had an international upbringing like me as well as being in the energy industry similar to me.

- Did they meet your expectations? Why or why not?
I bought the 7-hour package for applying to 4 schools in round 2. Nitin's cut to the chase approach was really helpful to me. In my first one hour, I realized that I had to start with my end goal. Nitin told me a few techniques on how to narrow down my options. He gave me tips to research MBA schools. Based on this one hour conversation, I researched the top MBA schools and applying my decision criteria, chose the 4 schools to apply.

After a couple more phone conversations and some work on my part, I was ready to tackle the essays. Though Nitin was traveling at the time, he found time to fully support and provide timely responses. All in all he made the process very smooth and stress free.

Veritas Prep also has customized school guides that were really beneficial in getting an insider look on the culture and criteria for each school.

- Would you recommend them? Why or why not?
I would certainly recommend Nitin as well as Vertias Prep to anyone considering applying to MBA schools. The MBA admissions process is very complex. Having professional help greatly simplifies this and takes the stress out.

- What was their greatest strength?
Their greatest strength was understanding what I was missing in the process and providing the very specific requirements to get the application done. Nitin was very effective in his support and with a lot of effort on my part I only needed the 7 hours to complete the applications.

- What was their weakest skill?
I think because we were both travelling at the time and I bought the 7-hour package, time keeping was a little tricky. However, Nitin more than accommodated me for the required hours.

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