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I began my business school application in early January and worked with Sophie of Veritas Prep. To start, we had an introductory one-hour chat to go through all of my experiences and discuss why I was interested in applying to business school. In this chat, Sophie provided me with an assessment of my chances for admission and pointed out any red flags that could hurt my chances. This was very helpful as it gave me an idea for what to discuss in the additional essay or include in the essay. I was also able to vet my preliminary ideas for the essay to see what resonated most with her/was most appropriate for a business school application.

After this discussion, I was equipped with the knowledge to take an educated stab at the essay. In my first draft, I fleshed out a few different ideas with all relevant context and shot it over to Sophie. Sophie provided clear, detailed feedback on everything I provided and suggested that I focus the essay on one particular experience that really stood out to her. Getting this clear feedback early-on allowed me to throw out the ten other ideas I was juggling and instead focus on just one. From this point onward, I continued to utilize the story of one experience to showcase my interest in business school, what I would get out of it, and why/how I would add value to a classroom discussion. Throughout the editing process, Sophie continually encouraged me to maintain the story-feel of the essay and interject anecdotes that would tie into my reasons for applying. Working hard and following Sophie’s advice, I was able to finish my essay in about two months.

Looking back, the investment made in admissions consulting was totally worth it. Even with a fantastic GMAT score, you have no shot at admission if your essay is not both cogent and authentic. Sophie provided me with the confidence and guidance that I needed to complete the application process in a timely fashion.

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