April 16, 2020

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I had a fantastic time working with Taniel, seeking his advice on both my MBA/MPP applications. While Taniel is an amazing consultant overall, there are three things that really stood out for me:

1) His comments and advice are very spot-on, where he is able to point out areas for improvement immediately to make the story a lot more tied together

2) He graduated not too long ago so he is close to a lot of ongoing developments in the school and knows exactly what one should add to his/her application to make it as relevant as possible

3) He truly values your development, even if that means putting in more time than was initially discussed. E.g. sometimes when our chat went over time he'd still continue, if something we were discussing wasn't completed. He even just chatted with me as a friend more about his experience recently after I was admitted.

I'd highly recommend everyone to reach out to Taniel! He was crucial in my applications' success.

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