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In class, I learned to apply the different strategies to answer the multiple types of questions tested. While the Veritas strategies are essential to being successful on the GMAT, a key benefit of learning the material was the instructor. Our instructor was engaging and knowledgeable about the material. For every example problem we worked on, she would give us several ways to figure out the problem. Leaving us to choose which method was easier for us. Furthermore at the beginning of each class she would give us a brief overview of the key principles of the day’s lessons, very helpful if you have been out of school for a few years.

At the end of the course, I felt more prepared to take the GMAT. However I still needed to practice the strategies they taught us in class. I practiced using the Veritas website, where I had access to practice tests, practice questions, and On Demand lessons.

The class is more of an introduction to the methodical way to approach and solve each question. I needed additional practice to feel confident and comfortable in using the strategies successfully.

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