July 23, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep Immersion Course

Instructor Bobby Umar

Location London, United Kingdom

If you are considering taking the GMAT and wish to achieve a high score, I would, without hesitation, recommend at least considering VP.

Since signing up a few months ago, my experience has been unrivalled. Everything about VP is geared to getting me that high GMAT score I so desperately want. Below are the four key areas that I think set VP apart:

1. Their curriculum

There is a lot to learn for the GMAT. Entrants need to be familiar with an AWFUL lot of things, such as geometry, sentence correction and so on. VP have broken down this bank of required knowledge into 12 easy-to-read modules. Each module is broken down further into 'Skillbuilders', that introduce basic/foundation ideas and concepts, Lessons, where students are guided through the key areas whilst in class, and Homework, where students complete numerous drills and questions to get the learning set to memory. Breaking topics down has helped me understand ideas and concepts at a very deep level.

2. Their online portal

From the moment a student signs up, they then have access to an absolute plethora of information through their VP portal. This portal contains information that fully supports the curriculum and classroom teachings. Examples include videos of instructors working through the foundation ideas and concepts for each of the 12 topics, question banks and solutions for each topic, 17 full practice exams with debrief and solutions, access to online workshop sessions, and full soft-copies of the curriculum books.

This is all accessible from one's tablet or smartphone, so students can learn as and when they need to.

3. The course

My full-week immersion course was fantastic. It was structured such that it was assumed students had worked through the 'Skillbuilders' before the course. This enabled the teacher to then focus on the medium to high level learnings. We worked through one module in 3 hours, so did 2 modules per day. This was enough time to learn a fair bit, whilst still being short enough to not burn students out by day 3!

It is worth mentioning that this course is very concise. It assumes that students have already worked through the basic Skillbuilders, and will follow the course up by completing the homeworks and practice exams. This is great for me - I was prepared to put the time in, and am still working through my homework questions now. I have noticed a marked difference in how I approach questions, and am getting significantly more questions correct than I did before the course.

Working through the course alone is fine if that is how you work. I thought I worked best that way, until I attended the course. Attending the class made me realise that I learned as much from my peers as I did from the books. It is so useful to hear how others tackle problems, how they struggle with certain areas, and how they are finding the GMAT journey overall.

4. The Tutors

Over the past decade, I have attended University, accountancy classes, CFA classes and now Veritas Prep's GMAT classes. Out of all of those classes, and there are hundreds of them, I never felt as engaged with the tutor about the topic as I did with my VP class. Sure, my undergraduate tutors were professors of Mathematics and were perhaps smarter than any other tutor, but I never felt as involved as I did with my VP class.

My tutor really took the curriculum and made it leap from the page. This is vital to retaining that information and learning.

My tutor was Bobby Umar, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wishes to nail the GMAT. The guy is a bit of a legend, in my opinion. Not only is he incredibly smart, but he is approachable, engaging and knowledgeable. If you can book a course with Bobby as the tutor, DO SO! For me, he alone could be a differentiating factor between prep providers - he is that good.

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