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Ethan Todras-Whitehill


I can’t recommend Ethan Todras-Whitehill enough. When I signed up for my course with Ethan, I had already taken the GMAT once and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to break through the ceiling I had hit after a few months of study. Almost all the test materials I had previously encountered centered on the idea that to beat the GMAT one must master and apply certain necessary tricks and strategies. In his instruction, Ethan covers these tricks and strategies and is quite adapt at illustrating when each should be applied; however, what sets him apart is his ability to transform each GMAT into a series of decisions. I think this is what most companies are trying to get at when they say “think like the test maker,” but there is a distinct difference between memorizing and identifying patterns and truly understanding the test’s underlying logic. To do this isn’t easy, but Ethan’s ability and willingness to work through the underlying logic on questions, and even answer questions about how the answer would change if a certain piece of information were to change, is exceptional and made all the difference for me.
I would recommend the in-person class; however, with Veritas there is always the option to retake the course. In my case, I started, but did not complete Ravi’s online course, and then a few months later took Ethan’s in person class. Given that the formats differed, I can’t make a true comparison between the two instructors, but do feel there is more depth to Ethan’s instruction, which can make all the difference if you find yourself able correctly answer questions, but struggle to do so efficiently. There is huge difference between taking the time to prove without a doubt that something is correct and being able to quickly know that something is logically correct. It is Ethan ability to teach the that latter that truly sets him apart.

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