May 05, 2013

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Matt Douglas

Location San Francisco, CA USA

I took the GMAT prep course in SF and thought it was great. Veritas Prep breaks down every aspect of the GMAT into 13 books. I took the time and read through all of them to prepare for my exam. Do all of the practice questions and the homework. All of the lessons are online in case you need to review something, and I was also able to e-mail my instructor. Matt Douglas was also top notch, he explained things in ways that you could understand them and was engaging enough to make the 3 hours at night go by with relative ease.

Unfortunately, my exam didn't go so well. I was really busy at work and bombed the test. Thankfully, I am going back to the Veritas classes and am going to take the test again.

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