November 25, 2013

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I took the full course at the Grand Hyatt in NYC. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10pm with Rob Stringham.

I couldn't recommend the course higher. Not only was the program catered to the students, but Rob made each course very personal and walked us through the details on the questions types and how to attack each. He was very effective also in helping us to understand the GMAT from the inside out - how they looked at different sections, what things to focus on for base knowledge, how to pace yourself properly, how to score (i.e. don't try to get everyone question right), among other things.

I thoroughly enjoyed my classmates, the discussions we had, and the teaching.

I also really liked the online program that was provided. Whenever I wanted more explanation on something, I could always go online and get in depth info. There was never a lack of information, which I think is important in a test that is so broad.

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