January 11, 2014

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I participated in Veritas Prep's Full Course from 11/9/13 - 12/14/13 and it was absolutely worth the investment.

Veritas supplies their students with a book for every lesson, and I found the skill builder (pre-work) to be a significant asset. Upon completing the skill builder before class I was provided with a background on where I was struggling / had questions on a given section. The lessons themselves were very good and provided a very detailed description on each question type and test strategies.

Our instructor Brandon, was awesome and very helpful. He was always able to provide a clear understanding of the given topics and answer any questions. He also provided very useful tips and other strategies.

Overall I would highly recommend the the Veritas Prep course. I have yet to take the GMAT so I can not report a post score review. However the skills and increased confidence that I have received are already showing results in my practice problems / practice test results.

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