January 25, 2014

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I as extremely impressed with the level of service and teaching I received throughout (and beyond) my Veritas Prep MBA course (full length, in-person). The provided class and study materials are thorough, well written, and sufficient for test takers regardless of their preparedness.

Veritas will set you up with both 12+ workbooks (one for each class, covering each topic area of the GMAT) that offer both instruction and practice problems and accompanying solutions explained. On top of this, you'll be given 1 year of access to Veritas' online resources. These include video tutorials (should you miss a class or want a refresher), multiple sample problems, links to additional resources, and more. Months after completing the class, I'm still using these online tools.

The instructor (Dave) was a GMAT genius and an excellent teacher. Not only have answers for every GMAT-related question our class asked but he managed to engage a class of thirty students, all of varying qual and quant abilities, with poise. Approachable, knowledgeable, friendly. Dave was exceptional.

I strongly recommend Veritas Prep. I feel well supported as I prepare for the GMAT and the business school application process.

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