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Veritas Prep - Ravi Sreerama


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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Los Angeles, CA USA

I took the in-person class with Ravi Sreerama in Santa Monica. Ravi showed up to class everyday with high energy, enthusiasm and motivation. He covered the lessons thoroughly and at a high-octane pace, so no time is ever wasted. Ravi speaks clearly and with authority, continuously interacting with students and keeping everyone engaged. In class, he’s a drill sergeant – in command of the lesson and in control of the pace. Outside of class, he’s the most personable, laid-back and down-to-earth guy you’ve ever met. Confident and cool, Ravi is a master of all topics covered on the exam. He is inspirational and genuinely cares for each and every one of his students. It is no secret that Ravi is the best GMAT instructor in town and that’s why his classes fill up early.

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