August 05, 2014

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Before Veritas I did not study to understand the structure of the test nor how to attack each section. After taking the course with Rob and studied the provided material, I was able to reduce my anxiety of setting a test date.

Veritas dives deeper into each section; teaching you how to recognize the relationships of tested subjects/themes and how to notice when those subjects are being tested. The provided material is designed to teach you the building blocks of each tested subject and how to think and execute the material you've learned.

After taking Rob's M/W evening class, I would highly recommend attending a live session. You are giving yourself more access to vital information and how to "crack the code". Rob's unique style of teaching is rare and more importantly he shows you how to develop your cognitive thinking and rely on more than just formulas. He also doesn't try to conform a student, he understands that every person has their own way of learning and retaining information.

He also has great stories!

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