October 18, 2014

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For those with busy work schedules and inflexibility in application deadlines, beware. Veritas' ineptitudes in course scheduling, planning, and communications of changes can leave you SOL and waiting to apply to grad school until next year.

Working with Veritas was a logistical nightmare for me. I enrolled in a session of the GMAT in-person course nearly two months prior its start date. I arrive to the location at the time stated for the class (a hotel's conference center) to find that there is no record of the class meeting. I call Veritas, but am unable to get in touch with anyone as their customer service department is not staffed on Saturdays (nor is open during normal business hours for the East Coast.) I send a message to their customer service account, but don't hear anything back either.

Monday rolls around, and I call to figure out what happened to the class on Saturday. I'm told that the session of the class was cancelled in it's entirety due to low enrollment and that an email had been sent 2 DAYS PRIOR to the start of the class stating this. I go back and find the email in my junk folder, with no mention of the cancellation in the subject line. I go on to read the email and find that the email requests acknowledgement of the message being received. Veritas had not heard from me as I didn't see the email until after the class was supposed to meet. They claimed they left me a voicemail, but I received no such thing. I would have expected better follow-up given the fact there was such low attendance to the class, but that was not the case.

To rectify the situation, they offered an alternative online class (even though I paid a premium for in-person training) or a class that would meet after my exam date and application deadlines.

Their poor planning and communication resulted in my decision to push out the round of deadlines I planned on applying to, putting me back an entire semester's opportunity for classes.

Don't let this happen to you too!

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