December 30, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Mark Robinson

Location Houston, TX USA

To be fair each instructor approaches the class differently, but I can without hesitation say that the Veritas Prep Class I took (taught by Mark Alan Robinson) was worth every single penny that I invested. Not only did the instructor present the information in easy to digest pieces, but he brought tremendous enthusiasm and energy to the evening class. I got a tremendous amount out of the class and know that it has improved my scores by 150 points through the practice tests that are available. If the class that I took, Houston Full Course, is in any way indicative of the way other Veritas Prep classes go I would highly recommend it over any other test prep program out there. Top notch teachers who are always willing to give it their all and go the extra step if needed. Seriously....don't hesitate and take the leap to a brighter career by starting here.

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