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Brian was very helpful


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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Brian Greenwald

Location Washington, DC USA

Brian taught me in May of 2015 at the Hilton hotel in Washington DC.
I was getting the 600’s, but I wanted to break the 700 to get into a top school. Brian helped me achieve the 700.
Not only did I need someone who already broke the 700 and could teach GMAT, but I also wanted someone who went to a top MBA school so he can give me some admissions advice and some attendance advice.
He was very helpful after the course as well. Whenever I needed help when practicing, or help to give me a moral push, I would send him an email and he would respond.
For example, I had a gap between my QUANT score and my Verbal score, and I was worried that top MBA schools would ding me because of this. I was worried so I sent an email to Bryan. He did comfort me and tell me that it was not a huge factor to create a ding.
I appreciated his assistance with helping me break the 700! I would recommend Brian as an MBA instructor.

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