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Worth your time - and money!


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Course Veritas Prep In-Person Full Course

Instructor Anthony Ritz

Location DC Area, DC USA

I took the Veritas prep course with Anthony Ritz at the Washington Hilton in DC. Prior to taking the class, I spent a few months studying on my own out of Princeton Review and a couple of other books/online resources. To be fair, I was not very diligent about studying and did not abide by a strict study schedule. I worked my way through the materials I did have and purchased the 7 pack of practice tests from Veritas. After studying off and on for a few months, but feeling like I had a good foundation, I took one of the Veritas practice tests and scored a disappointing 590. I soon realized that if I was going to commit to the process, I would need to buckle down and take a class that would give me a rigid structure and the test-taking strategy I was not gaining by studying on my own. Following the recommendation of a friend, I purchased the Veritas 6 week class.

Veritas' online resources are incredibly helpful and robust. There are skills, drills, and problems to accompany each in class lecture. Additionally, there are online lectures that follow the same material, so if you miss a class or want to review a portion that proved particularly challenging, these videos were great to watch over again.

Going into the class, I was particularly weak on quant and, while I did the verbal lessons and attended all classes, my focus was on practicing quant as I neared my test date. The previously purchased Veritas tests were helpful for this, as I could just take quant sections if I did not have enough time for a full practice test. Still, my advice to others is to take the full practice tests as many times as you possibly can. I ended up scoring as high as the 99th percentile in some of my practice tests where I only took the quant section. I think this led me to have a slightly inflated sense of confidence, as I did not achieve these scores in a full practice test but still held high expectations when the test date rolled around.

All in all, I am happy with my results and I know I would not have achieved my score had it not been for Anthony and the Veritas class. Of course, it's on you to keep up with the work and utilize the resources provided, but I think Veritas gave me all the tools I needed to do well!

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