November 22, 2013

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Veritas On-Demand rocks!


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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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For the purpose that I needed Verita's Prep did a really good job. I wanted something that I could take with me and the On-Demand was an affordable price. Somehow I got all the books along with access to all the quizzes and videos online and all the videos on my iPad. I think that is normal for On-Demand. I realized that I needed to take the Gmat on Nov 16th and so I started studying on Sept 1st. With such a short time period I knew I had to find a study guide that didn't require a lot of drills and memorization.

Veritas tries to focus on concepts and not just memorizing massive amounts of information. With two kids and a full time job I didn't have much time to study but Veritas prep helped with the time I had. The Quant section I got a 42 percentile and it probably was a section that might need a little more guidance personally, because I am not strong on math, so it might be worth an upgrade from the On-Demand version. The downside was that I found a lot of spelling errors throughout the books and questions online but that is the only downside in my opinion.

It is important to give yourself two weeks to take all the practice tests and hone your skills, I only gave myself a week and even though I got a 640, I was rushed. So for the short time period I had and the little time I had to study and wanting to stay on a tight budget this worked great for me! Could definitely take you above the 700 if you had the extra time.

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