November 30, 2014

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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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Veritas Prep was an integral part of my GMAT experience. To provide a frame of reference, I scored a 550 on my baseline exam when I started studying and I scored a 700 on my official exam. I am absolutely certain that I would not have achieved this goal without the services and products that Veritas provided.

I purchased the On-Demand course and it was well structured and organized. The Veritas methodology was particularly effective for me. Veritas helped me to understand that the GMAT is more a test of how you think than a test of what you know. This course will teach you the concepts that you need to learn, but it won't require you to memorize hundreds of flashcards. The methodology teaches you how to reason your way through hard questions, not rote memorize your way through hard questions. I think this is quite unique to Veritas and makes their company stand out among their competitors.

What I didn't realize when I purchased the On-Demand course was how critical the Help Line instructors would be to my development. The teachers who cover the Veritas email help line are committed, kind and incredibly intelligent people. I emailed countless emails, sometimes asking the dumbest questions, and the teachers always replied with the utmost of respect for my process.

I developed a particular rapport with Valerie Browning via the Help Line and can say without a doubt that I would not have achieved a 700 without her support. Valerie is smart, kind, generous and creative and unfaltering in the way she supports her students. When I didn't get math concepts, Valerie would find metaphors to explain them or draw pictures to help me understand ideas visually. Other teachers might give up on you, but Valerie will not. If you're willing to put in the work, she will guide you. I recommend her highly.

I am grateful to the Veritas team for guiding me through this process. It has been a rocky road, filled with incredible highs and lows, but I can honestly say, I'll miss the Veritas team. I am deeply grateful for this experience.

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