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Veritas is the Truth


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I took the GMAT in January and didn't really care for my score (690, 40Q, 44V). I gave myself one month to study and pull it up and also decided to get some help. I chose Veritas Prep because they just seem like decent people who are in business to help folks like me. The best thing about VP GMAT Prep on demand is the practice tests. The feel was incredibly realistic, and the scoring was perfectly on point. The video lessons and skill builders are good tools if you need classroom learning, but I liked to jump in and just work problems like mad. While working hundreds of problems in the question bank and doing all of the prescribed exercises, I made time (roughly) once a week to sit through a full-length practice test.

One month, four practice tests, and literally hundreds of problems later I pulled my score up by 80 points and went from the waitlist to weighing scholarship offers... thanks VP!!!

... 770, 50Q, 44V

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