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My Experience with the Veritas Prep On Demand


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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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I have taken the On-Demand Course. I must say it is most comprehensive service out there. Apart from the online Video lessons you would receive a set of 12 books.

Each lessons contains the set of homework problems. The homework problems can be accessed in the books or in the online platform. The Books only contains the OA. We can download the OE(PDF Copies) if we want. The online homework problems can be done sets or lesson-wise under each sections.

The teaching methodology is quite different from other test prep companies. Brian, the Veritas Prep instructor tells the student to learn by doing. And the Veritas Prep pyramid way of approaching the problems. First stuff the course teaches you to understand the skill required via skillbuilders. And then teaches us to learn by doing via skills meet strategy and finally helps us to think like a test maker to reach 700+ Score.

All the books emphasis on learning by doing. It definitely helped me when i was getting plateaued.

The 12 Mocks which comes with purchase is little too much since most students will have the 2 free GMATPREP and 2 exam pack. This takes to 16 tests!!. I would do all the GMATPREP since it's from the testmaker and 3 or 4 from Veritas Prep. The most important thing, i noticed is that the Veritas Prep score were in range to the GMATPREP score. And as many says Veritas Prep test are close to the GMATPREP.

The Advance Verbal Strategies just tells us to think like a test maker when we encounter a difficult verbal problem to get those correct and get above 700+ Score.

Overall, the course was really good and the student service for any queries were excellent- Mostly i got reply within 36 hours.

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