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Super Ravi
February 18 | 2013
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Location: Pasadena, CA USA
Taught by: Ravi Sreerama

As international student, I was struggling with both the verbal section and quant section in the GMAT. However, when I took the Veritas Prep Private Tutoring with super Ravi, I improved my GMAT score by 100 points.

He started to build my confidence as well as my math and verbal skills. Not only he gave my all the useful strategies but also he created a customized study schedule for me. After two months, I successfully increased my verbal score by 43 percentile while my quant by 40 percentile.

Because GMAT is an important step in your application think of it as an investment and go with the Veritas Prep Private Tutoring. I would highly recommend Ravi of Veritas Prep.

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