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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Location: San Diego, CA USA
Taught by: Bill Robinson

Hey guys - you may have read my previous review of the Manhattan self-study guidebooks, which were great and helped me get a 670 (47Q/35V) my first time around. I'm shooting for a Top-10 program, so I don't feel this will be a good enough score. After undergoing a study abroad program with The London School of Economics (my chosen career is I-banking, leading into PE) and networking with Professors, Masters candidates and PhD candidates, as well as a couple Masters in Finance grads who have GREAT positions with some of the largest I-banks in the world, I realized I must do everything possible to shoot above the 700 mark (and hopefully score above 50 on Quant) to place myself in an optimum position to secure a great Masters or MBA degree.

That said, I decided to make the sizeable investment in the 38-hour private tutoring package with Veritas, essentially to provide myself with a "fresh look" since I delved into Manhattan's techniques and didn't want to overlap.

From the beginning, I felt great about the money I spent as soon as I met Bill Robinson, and thus far I'm quite pleased I decided to go with Veritas. He's a really good guy, VERY sharp (one of the more intelligent guys I've met in quite awhile, and considering I used to work with a few Harvard and Chicago MBAs, that says a lot), and his ability to relate to me and teach me the material is quite impressive. He's always on time for our lesson, and he's incredibly flexible (I had to change up our locations a few times, which he was more than willing to work with) in regards to our meeting times. He stays in constant contact with me and is always available over email or phone when I have questions (which I admit I have many, haha), and he understands precisely what I need to stay motivated.

I'm slated to sit for the exam in mid-November, so I'll certainly be keeping you guys up-to-date on my progress, however I really feel great about heading into the one-month "home stretch" and I actually can't wait to take the test.

Good luck guys - I'll continue to keep you posted.

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