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Course Veritas Prep Private Tutoring

Instructor Brandon Pierpont

Location New York (Manhattan), NY USA

This is the situation that I was in before starting work with Veritas: a 530 score after more than 6 months of studying and a course with another prep company. 19th percentile in Quant. Disaster. Time was running short on my applications and I needed to get that score up, significantly, and do it fast.

I knew that another prep course in a classroom setting was not going to work for me. For one, like many people prepping for the GMAT, it is almost impossible to find time in the schedule, even on nights and weekends, that would work for me over a sustained period of time. And because I was in such dire straits on my Quant, I needed to focus a significant portion of my attention there, and not just the Verbal. I needed flexibility in terms of scheduling and curriculum, and I needed who would focus on sharpening my areas of weakness.

The private tutoring lessons at Veritas did just that for me. I had the pleasure of working with Brandon Pierpont for about three months in prepping for my second test. There was a lot of work to get done and we developed a plan where we would focus on my areas of weakness in Quant while also keeping up my relative strengths in Verbal. Brandon worked around my needs in terms of timing and content both in person and in online sessions. In addition to focusing on making sure that I understood the underlying material, Brandon really helped me work out a strategy on how to approach test based on my abilities and I think that was critical in my significant improvement in my second try. In addition to that, the prep materials Veritas provides were superior to any of the other materials that I worked with (and I looked at many) and gave me the right amount of work to do, and the right balance between content and strategy.

Ultimately, I went into my second test with confidence, with a gameplan and with the tools I needed to get it done. Once the GMAT was not an intimidating experience anymore, my score improved significantly and I got a 700 (Q45 / V40) on the second try. This would not have been nearly close to possible without the work with Brandon and the great resources that Veritas provides. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in a similar situation as me!

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