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Devin Jones is the best!


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Course Veritas Prep Private Tutoring

Instructor Devin Jones

Location New York (Manhattan), NY USA

I highly, highly recommend Devin Jones as a tutor!
I had taken a Veritas Prep course a few years back when I first thought about taking the GMAT. I wasn't serious about my prep at the time, but it demonstrated to me that Veritas was a solid prep company and that their instructors were top notch. I fully committed to taking the GMAT this fall, and after scoring 650 on a practice test I decided to get a tutor to help increase my score.

From my first session with Devin, I knew he was going to help me crush the GMAT. It was obvious that he was incredibly smart, and he genuinely cared about me achieving the results I wanted. We had a TON of sessions, but he helped me to identify my problem areas and made sure I had great material to work with throughout the process. He even ordered new books for me when we ran out of material, and hand picked problems to make sure I was covering what I needed. I even had fun during the sessions because Devin is a cool guy too! We had some good laughs throughout. The structured study plan he provided helped me to stay motivated and improve steadily across all the subject areas. I was pretty strong in verbal going in, but to my surprise I improved a lot in verbal AND quant thanks to Devin.

On my first test day, I got in my head and wasted way too much time early on. I scored 670, but coming out of it I wasn't nearly as dismayed as I would have been. Working with Devin gave me the confidence to know I could do better. I shook it off and took the test two weeks later. I scored a 720! Overall, I increased my quant score by 5 points and verbal by 3. I couldn't have been happier. If you want to do well on the GMAT, then Devin Jones is definitely your guy!

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