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Anthony Ritz was critical to my GMAT success


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Course Veritas Prep Private Tutoring

Instructor Anthony Ritz

Location Vienna, VA USA

I highly, highly recommend Anthony as a tutor for your GMAT studies. I will explain why:

I started off my GMAT studies in September 2013. I took a six week course and practiced myself an additional two weeks, ending up with a 600. At that point, being a bit discouraged yet also realizing I need more than one year of work experience before my MBA, I paused my studies and waited until September 2015 to start up again.

I decided to self study again, which took me about four months, and ended up with a 650. I had one month to study again until I had to retake the exam for third time. That was when I contacted Anthony to come tutor me.

Anthony is not like other tutors that I've had in the past; he really knows how to challenge you to figure out the problems on your own before he steps in to help. When he does help, he doesn't just show you the problem and tell you to repeat those steps on the rest of the problems. He usually starts off by asking you if you have heard of a certain theorem or proof or something of that nature that is related to this specific problem. When he explains it to you, a million light bulbs will go off in your head. From that point on you will have much less difficulty tackling that type of problem. It was mind blowing for me that with one quick explanation he was able to show me how to do a specific type of problem at any difficulty level, even 700 and above.

He showed me that the quantitative section really is not that hard when you realize that all the questions are quite similar but are the same question just written down differently. Because of his tutoring, I was able to raise my quant score from a 38 to a 50 (in practice exams; got 49 on my final GMAT official exam).

Similarly on the verbal section, he helped me raise my score from a 27 to a 41. This allowed me to get an overall score of 740, way better than the 650 I was able to achieve via self studying. I attribute 95% of my score increase to the lessons that Anthony taught me. Without him, I'm not sure I would've been able to break the 700 barrier. The money I spent to tutor with him was one of the best spent dollars for my future, bar none.

Thank you Anthony for all your help. I really owe you one.

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