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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Location: Houston, TX USA
Taught by: Mark Robinson

A little background of where I was coming from before I met Mark: A year prior, I had gone through numerous classes (in-class, online), drained hours of studying, and learned other people’s methods, giving me a good grasp of concepts however, I was plateauing, specifically in verbal. ( V35, V36, V34, V30, V35….) My math has always been strong (47-49) but something subtle behind the way I was approaching verbal was setting me back.
Mark taught me how to look at verbal like math by “decoding the matrix” and after taking 10 hours with him, I suddenly clicked. I feel that Mark’s approach to teaching not only helped me look at the GMAT in a different light, but also helped by relating it to my everyday life, making it not as dull and monotonous to study. Mark is very energetic and very personable. He really dug in deep with my weaknesses and accessed how I approached the problems. Some things that he taught me are even applicable outside the GMAT.
As mentioned, after I tried many resources and tutors, Mark was the one that finally unlocked my testing to V40. Highly recommend Mark Alan Robinson for private tutoring!

Tutor: Mark Alan Robinson
Company: Veritas Prep
Type: Private tutoring
Location: Houston Area
Time: January-February 2018

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