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Great Tutor at Veritas!
September 05 | 2018
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This review is for: Veritas Prep Private Tutoring
Taught by: Ed Matthews

Ed is the man when it comes to tutoring. I had studied for the GMAT many hours and taken the exam a few times with some score improvements. However, I had reached a plateau in my studying and it seemed like nothing I did was improving my score meaningfully.

After working with Ed for 4+ hours over two sessions, some email exchanges on recapping the lesson, and a few phone calls on strategy, I was able to go from 700 to 750! Keep in mind, my first GMAT was a 610. He goes above and beyond to help get you the result you want. He will push you to think in new and novel ways in order to tackle the test. It is rare to be able to talk to somebody and then be able to apply a wholly new way of thinking about the test. I would have been happy with a 10 point improvement; Ed's tutoring help far exceeded my expectations.

If YOU are serious about getting a better GMAT score, go with Veritas and get Ed as a tutor after you get some lessons under your belt. Trust me I have tried several competitor courses before trying Veritas and they are the best.

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