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A wonderful experience with a wonderful tutor!


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Course Veritas Prep Private Tutoring

Instructor Hailey Cusimano

Location Orlando, FL USA

Neither standardized tests nor private tutoring has ever been activities I have much enjoyed in the past. Standardized tests have always given me anxiety because no matter how much I study, I still feel unprepared come test today. Additionally, I had not had the best experiences with private tutoring in undergrad as I often felt that my tutors came off a bit condescending and were not invested in me to succeed; I was just another student.

Working with Hailey was the EXACT opposite experience. From day one I felt Hailey truly cared about my success and was invested in seeing me reach my goals. She helped me understand that the strategy behind the GMAT wasn't just memorizing material and that I needed to think critically about how to handle each question before me. Additionally, she helped me get my time management significantly under control!

When we first started out working she told me "to work smarter not harder," and all of our subsequent time together was her ensuring my practice followed that mindset. Working with Hailey was truly a wonderful experience!

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