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Top Flight Tutoring from Hailey Cusimano


Improvement 50 Points

Course Veritas Prep Private Tutoring

Instructor Hailey Cusimano

Location New York (Manhattan), NY USA

Working with Hailey was one of the biggest reasons that I was able to hit my target score on the GMAT. Each time I met with Hailey, she gave me the sense that she remembered my strengths and weaknesses intimately, which I really grew to appreciate. Her approach to working with students is positive, focused, patient, and nonjudgmental. Hailey is extremely adept at balancing strategic instruction with letting a student struggle through challenging problems and is capable of explaining both test-taking tactics and individual questions with no condescension whatsoever. When I started studying with Hailey, I had no study plan, no strategy for test day, and in hindsight, no hope of getting the score I wanted. Without her coaching and guidance, I simply would not have achieved my goals.

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