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February 23 | 2012
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I used the Veritas Prep full package for three schools based on a recommendation from a friend and had an excellent experience. PM if you want more details about my consultant--she was great. Their interview prep service was also really nice. My consultant wasn't a lead for any of the schools I applied to (my fault, not their's) but I was mock interviewed by an alums from those schools, which was a great service because they really knew their schools head to toe. I was rejected by HBS, but so are a lot of folks, and have been accepted by Notre Dame and Texas. I'm still waiting on Michigan, but that was easily my best application and interview.

I think it's important to have realistic expectations for admissions consultants. I began my process before schools published their essays by working on my resume and getting that down. Then I tackled essays as they came out and had finished products by the beginning of September. I went in expecting someone to help me refine my message, prevent any significant mistakes in my message, and act as a high-priced proofreader. A consultant can't change your GMAT score, undergrad GPA, or work experience, so purchasing services isn't going to instantly make you an attractive candidate at HBS. However, if you put the work in early on in the process, a good consultant can really help you tailor yourself to each school and make you (in my opinion) more attractive.

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