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January 03 | 2013
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Any admissions consultant is basically a very expensive essay editor. If you have close friends, colleagues, or family members that are willing to do this then it might not be worth it for you. You'll have to do a lot of your own homework however. Specifically, I mean that you'll want to read everything you can on how to craft successful essays, talk to current/former students, and probably visit campus.

I only used Dylan for one school: Wharton. I haven't heard back yet, but I don't expect to get into. Mostly, because of my profile, not anything Dylan did. Using strategies that I picked up from him and other Veritas Prep consultants I was able to apply to UCLA without any of their help. I was asked to interview and will hear back soon.

Bottom line: they can help a lot if you need it, but it might only be necessary to help get the basics from them rather than have them check everything you write.

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