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Consultant: Dylan Tatz

My experience with Veritas was excellent and I would have wasted a lot of time and energy without their guidance during the MBA applications process. From the moment I signed on, they did an excellent job communicating and engaging me to think about why I was pursuing an MBA and which programs would be appropriate for my personal and career goals. Dylan was always accessible via email or phone and he helped me to see my application through the lens of an admissions committee to shape my candidacy in the best way possible for admittance. From the candidate profile with which I started the process to the various iterations of the essays, the consultants helped me to evolve my application into the best presentation of my real skills and weaknesses. When I had issues with one of my school specific resources, Veritas put me in touch with an alternate resource right away. Though the consultants often juggle many applicants, I found my main consultant (Dylan) to alway be available to listen to ideas or talk me off a ledge when I became overly stressed. The last few days before applications are due are insane, getting applications done a few days before would be better for all parties involved - this is easier said than done as essays tend to evolve towards the submission deadlines. Managing timeframes for discussions between the East and West coast was the only real challenge. Overall, the experience I had with Veritas helped make the tough application process much more bearable. Totally worth the investment.

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