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April 07 | 2013
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Consultant: Larry Sochrin

I've had a wonderful experience with Veritas Prep. Everyone has his own weak points, and mine was definitely writing strong essays. My GMAT score and work experience were not too bad, but where I come from, we are not taught to say proudly that we are the best. Therefore, I had a very hard time convincing the schools that I would be the one who would save the world if I were admitted to their program.

A friend of mine told me about his great experience with Veritas Prep a few years earlier, also I subscribed to a School package. This was the best decision I made since I chose to attend a MBA program.

Larry, my consultant has been very helpful, from his objective point of view in the MBA Game Plan to the his last recommendations regarding the interview process. He was not gentle and didn't lie, trying to make me feel good, but rather was direct, blunt and honest. Certainly the best attributes of a good consultant. Thanks to him, I definitely learnt a lot during the application process, and eventually got into INSEAD!!

Regarding Veritas Prep as a whole, I am very satisfied. Aside from the consulting job, Veritas Prep has always been correct and all my requests have been treated in no time.

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