December 25, 2013

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Who knows if I'll get in.
I haven't yet applied, so, I'm saying "Dream" for now, because I think I actually might, though I know I don't deserve it.

I'm pretty much a "no chance" candidate, statistically, for my target schools. HBS, GSB, Sloan, and Haas is my "gimme."

I'm not really stressing it though, because after having worked with Veritas over the last few months, I'm quite sure I couldn't have realistically prepared a better package.

I generally hate signing up for websites and boards, but I'm doing this just so I can tell the world how awesome these guys are.

Someone else said it, having a "head consultant" plus four "specialists" whom graduated from your target schools, this is great.

Emily, head consultant, plays project manager, level 1-3 editor, fire department, cheerleader, psychologist, project manager again, enforcer, communications switchboard, you name it. I was freaked about having to handle work/comm streams from 5 people, she makes it easy. No, it isn't easy. She helps you focus own best efforts. That's better than "easy."

The school specific consultants are great too. Name drops: Drew, Amanda, Heidy, Mark, these people are great at what they do, and they really do care, or, they are good enough at acting like it.

You think you've got all these great essay ideas, drama stories for why this person should or shouldn't be a recommender, this thing you did was so big and the world will be impressed by it....yes, no, maybe, think again.... Veritas did a great job of providing the external, dispassionate "admissions dry-run" perspective.

6 months ago, I thought, "I can do this myself, I don't need help." When I hit a test score plateau, OK, I need help, this is totally "odds against." Looking back, I feel like a genuine idiot in thinking I didn't need help, now having got it.

I don't have a lot of money, probably make much less than the average applicant. One might think, "this is expensive." Yes, it is. But if you're going to spend banzai money on B school anyway, so, comparatively, it isn't. Dare I say, the chance of you having the opportunity to spend such banzai money will be greatly multiplied by going and putting some Veritas bombs on your admissions weapons hardpoints.

I'm having fun writing this. Normally such a subject wouldn't be fun to write about. It's fun to write about because Veritas was just that good to work with.

I'm saying, Veritas is a toolbox of awesome. Make sure you pick one up.

June 05, 2014

Hi Kessen,

Hope things turned out alright! I'm in a similar boat and would love to hear your thoughts now that you're through the process. Would you change anything about your initial Veritas assesment?

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